7. Oct, 2018

My memory Gardem

Every Spring when these freesias are at their peak I am reminded of our still born son Trevor Robin, who was full born but did not make it.This year he would have been 42 and the pain is still there - a hole in my heart for the baby that never breathed. All the flowers I received at his parting seemed to have freesias in them and it was many years before I could bare to have freesias in the garden. When we came to the "Magic Garden" there was a whole bed of them and I decided that, because there were so many past memories from plants in the garden that I would use the freesias as a memory of Trevor and not pull them out. So each year when they blossom I think of our son and wonder what he would have become if he had been born alive. When I look at this photo I suddenly saw that I have planted standard rosemary (for remembrance) and that the statue in the garden is Peter Pan - the little boy who never grew up so that adds to the memory field