4. Oct, 2018

Success with Cinerarias

This year I am delighted with my cinerarias and I am hoping they might naturalise under these trees. I have tried them in several places in the garden but they have never been as beautiful as these ones this year. When I have tried to grow them up near the house, those furry little black caterpillars have been a major problem. I bought them in punnets but some must have been dwarf and others tall because you can see that the magenta/purple ones are much lower growing than the blue and white ones. To the right of this old gate I have primulas in the same shade of magenta/purple as the swarf cinerarias and they are a wonderful show also. Primula tend to do very nicely in my garden and come up year after year so I am hoping these will do the same. As this is just as you come in the gate they make a wonderful welcome to the garden.