26. Sep, 2018

The Importance of Bundling in Eco Dying

They don't seem to tell you this in most of the books but the difference between getting a really good print in eco dying and something less spectacular has to do with a) the preparation of the fabric and b) having a really tight bundle before you steam. Here i have some turmeric dyed silk with a combination of rehydrated leaves - small leafed maple, flowering cherry - and a few leaves off the new small leaved maple that have just appeared. It is Spring here in NZ now but not too many new leaves around yet. On top of the leaves I have a paper towel dipped in ferrous sulphate solution (iron blanket) and then covered with glad wrap so I don't get transfer printing. Before I start bundling I have placed a fairly heave box on the layers - in this case the box containing our boules set - Then I pull back and roll so that the bundle is tight and there is good contact between the leaves and the fabric. Once the roll is complete I will keep it tight by applying several fat rubber bands around the bundlie. I am using a piece of plastic piping but you can use dowel. I am still not sure if the diameter of the pipe/dowel makes any difference. I am just using what I have on hand that fits in the container I am using for steaming.