19. Sep, 2018

Oh Ah Logwood Extract

I couldn't source logwood in NZ so I had to import the extract. Again the colours in this photo seem dim. I did a bit of playing here. The top two are much darker than they appear but still a lot lighter then the lower ones. They are silk chartreuse and silk satin. The next two are cottons that were mordanted with tannin and then soda ash and alum pre dying. There are two different weights of cotton One a calico type weave, the other a finer cotton. Then for fun, the mushroom coloured ones, I have a piece of cotton cheesecloth - not scoured or mordanted and a piece of cotton left over from procion dying that has just had soda ash treatment. I can see now why my eco dying without Kathy's process hasn't been so successful as I got lots of these muddy colours on cotton. The chemistry behind this seems to be that the tannin attaches to the cotton and this provides a strata for the alum to attach to so that when the fabric goes into the dye bath the dye can attach to the fabric. Explaining it like this made a lot more sense to me than just going through a lot of mordanting processes.