10. Sep, 2018

Tamara's Zentangle

We are working hard to get Tamara's folio ready for the end of the month for assessment. She is such a talented artist with drawing as her main strength so it is a challenge for me to think of ways to show off this ability while utilising different mediums, artist models and compositions. Here is one of her pen and ink zentagles referencing Jan Fitzgeralds art and using a circular composition. I am finding that thinking about composition and style is helping me to also refine my own intuitive working style. I am largely self taught in many ways. The difficulty we have is that she is largely dependent on my advice as her Correspondence School art teacher is on sick leave this term and the teacher she was assigned to in Wellington had come to the end of his contract so support is quite limited. We did watch the online preparing a body of work tutorials but both of these were fraught with technical issues that clouded much of the information. Even so we are getting there and I am so proud of her work and ability.