9. Sep, 2018

Citrus Fizz is Growing

I am not getting a lot of time at the moment for my own creative endeavours but I do try and stitch a few hexagons onto the citrus fizz ensemble. This quilt top was all the pale, plain left over hexagon squares already on papers that i picked up at the thrift shop. I have geli printed them using lime green and orange and a range of textures and now I am hand stitching them together in a random fashion. This is my stitch meditation time each night so that I do not run myself down without any creative time at all. Between homeschooling Tamara (we are putting together her art folio for assessment and this is very time consuming. Her correspondence school teacher is off on sick leave this term and she was assigned to someone in Wellington but his contract had expired so we have largely been on our own. This is sandwiched in around doctors and general visits for Grandma and Robin so I am finding my personal creative time really squeezed. I haven't touched my machine since I got home from Rotorua - in fact I haven't even got it unpacked and plugged in so the mindlessness of citrus fizz and seeing it develop into something of its own accord is very therapeutic.