9. Sep, 2018

My Hoffman Challenge Quilt

My Hoffman Challenge quilt was titled "An Octupus's Garden (in the shade). My personal challenge was to create something from the colour values in the quilt and not be drawn in to representational subjects (which is my natural tenedency. I think I achieved this personal challenge well. The "sand dollars" were foiled and long bugle beads stitched in a radial design. A cluster of small beads made the centre of the "flowers. The flowers were mounted on felt (to give a trapunto style effect and hand stitched on the background of black velvet. What is hard to see here is the pale turquoise free machine stitching on the velvet. The circle was bound in black satin to give another texture. I was quite pleased that my quilt was hung next to the overall winner. This is the first time I have had a quilt displayed in a challenge so all new experience for me. I am not phased that I did not get an award as the challenge itself is enough to keep me trying new things. I did note that the awards all went to representational quilts which is interesting because I have been trying to move toward abstraction in my quilt development (or art development in general)