4. Sep, 2018

A Body of Work

No creative piost today.  Tamara is working on putting her Level 1 art portfolio together and making sure we have covered all the bases and have art work in the correct size and orientation and medium for the folio.  We will be working on this for the rest of the month but i am hoping to catch up on some of my eco dying exercises in between.  I just need to get the fabric mordanted so I can get it sorted and into the steamer to see where that goes.  Tamara has worked hard and has enough credits to pass her NZQA Level 1 programme and with a bit of work she will be able to also complete Level 2 by the end of the year so hats off to her. Now it is time to work on the stuff she enjoys more - like the art work.  today we worked on oil pastels - an A5 meium painting .  She finds oil pastel diffficult and the small size of the art work needed some encouragement to drill down and just use a part of the bird.  Her subject is owls and Fantails.  I am wondering how we can incorporate those both together.  She is such a gifted and creative drawer, that encouraging her to work with other media which might not be quite as detailed and precise is a bit of a mission but I am sure we will get there