30. Aug, 2018

I have been away at Sophie Standings 4 day textile workshop

There havent been any posts for the last few days because I have been away at Sophie Standing's textile workshop in Rotorua. If you haven't heard of Sophie she is an amazing young textile artist from Kenya (originally UK) and she speciallises in wildlife creations using collage and thread painting integrated together. You can see her work on www.sophiestanding.com. She is a marvelous tutor and lovely person. When she told us we would work on a kiwi I wasnt so enthused but the workshop was marvelous and although there were 17 participants every kiwi was so unique. Here is day one working out our colour ways to begin. I will post my stages in the next few posts. We had prepared our canvasses by painting them before we went to the course. The course encouraged us to look very closely at detail and the different light/dark on the reference photo. You can see the reference photo in the middle of the table