24. Aug, 2018

working toward multi layer transfer stencils

I am getting there slowly. I have a few stencil ideas on paper now. Here is the kereru one with the outline print which will eventually be the top one. It will be a bit like a reductionn print only reuseable. The head will be one print, the body a second and the wing and tail a third These will all need to be registered and then this stencil will go over the top to bring them all together. This is an entirely new way of working for me but I am quite pleased with this so far. here it is just printed on the rubbish paper from printing textures onto hexagons for my citrus fizz quilt - using the throw away hexagons from the thrift shop in pale colours and over printing them in orange and lime green before stitching them randomly together. My mindless stitch mediation at the moment as I do not have any more of my white on white mentor crazy quilt blocks prepared to work on. I am going to be away for a few days at the Sophie Standing course so we will see what comes of that. I might not be able to check in regularly