18. Aug, 2018

Harbinger of Spring

Spring issues in a different type of creativity. The garden is coming back to life. This cherry tree which is a graft done by my late brother'n law, Les, is always the first bloom of the year and after a very wet and dismal Winter it is very welcoming. The windows of the house in the background are my bedroom windows so when I look out the window I am greeted by this wonderful profusion of pink blossoms. The tuis are busy in its branches but I don't have a camera with a good enough lens to really capture them. They hang at all sorts of crazy angles sipping the nectar from the blossoms. Today is my first day off in two weeks and it is fine so I have been out in the garden looking and weeding and cutting back and sprinkling slug bait so that when the hostas and other precious shoots appear the population of pests is already diminished.