17. Aug, 2018

Time to work on my stencil technique

I had a little bit of time for me this morning after taking Grandma to get her skin cancer day surgery yesterday. I have been trying to do Linda Germain's creating stencil course but not getting on too well. Today I took a photo of Tamara and battled elements to reduce it to black and white essentials. Then I manually cut the stencil using an xacto knoife and one layer of laminating pouch acrylic. It was easy to cut but not so robust when it came to printing. When I made the print I could see my mother as a young girl in the print which was a surprise as I have never made the connection between Tamara and her before. All in all I am moderately pleased with the result. The image is printed on the drop sheet in my studio. I think I have the pouncing technique on fabric a lot better now