14. Aug, 2018

Making a Mask on My Face

With the mask making project for CST I was surprise at how many people had negative reactions to masks - I have always thought they were fun - not necessarily wearing them but as a decorative item. Even before the course I had thought about molding a mask on my face but with the comments from other members I was a bit intrepid at trying this. I put vaseline over my face and eyebrows and gladwrap around my hairline. I used warm water with the plaster gauze and then I began. I had to get Tamara to take this picture as it is very hard to take a photo fo yourself in these phases. The plaster felt quite warm and comfortable and dried very quickly on my face. It cam off easily and after I had washed my face, the skin felt smooth - I suppose like after a beauty facial mask. I did not cover my eyes or nose (for breathing) so maybe that kept me grounded enough in the present. The mask has dried over night so now I need to think about decorating it.