12. Aug, 2018

Belonging or fitting In

As i continue to explore the difference between belonging and fitting in I decided to work with a heap of hexagons that were part of the bag of prepared hexagons I purchased for .50 at a thrift store. The hexagons were all pale creamy yellow and not at all inspiring so while Tamara was busy were her art work I spent a fun afternoon with the gelli plate and random texture tools - mainly recycled stuff and overprinted some of the hexagons. I chose to use apple green and orange and allow those colours to mix to a certain extent. Here is my afternoon's work laid out - I still have about this many again to print. Using the limited colour they all tone in somewhat. The question that is there to be answered is this because I have made them fit in or do they belong in this grouping. I am considering further overprinting using a thermofax screen when I have printed and joined all the hexagons. Then I will further integrate them by quilting all over. Will the hexagons become masked so that their individuality is hidden or will they become a homogeneous group that belong together. The archetype of the shape shifter is alive and well practically in this example and while it may take me some time I will have progressed my understanding of the differences by the end of the exercise