10. Aug, 2018

Mask stage 3 Poseidon Appears

In keeping with the fish scale fabric I decided to keep this mask on a sea scene so Poseidon it is. A friend and I went to a class on Powertex a couple of years ago and I purchased a bottle of the stiffener but haven't really got back to this but now I am all keen. I used some butter muslin and the powertex to stiffen it and made the headgear. The shell crown is a buy from the thrift store for $2 - originally bought for another project but i only used a few shells. The brown and fawn string is some fancy yarn I tried to make beads out of by winding around a steel knitting needle and zapping with a heat gun. As fabric beads it didn't really work but it was OK for this. The shells were just bits and pieces I had on hand from other projects