2. Aug, 2018

An Experiment

I have been trying to find time to work with digital technology (Photoshop Elements) and combining that into my other activities. I was reading about someone who used post it notes to print on to break up the photo. that put me in mind of the mosaics we have worked on during July for CST and Jan'es use of paper laminated to paper so I did this quick mock up. I stuck paper squares onto a full page label with gaps in between. I found I couldn't get it to go through my printer so I overlaid it with some white organza to take away the stickiness. It went through the printer OK then . I then took some felt and misty fused it and placed the squares on the misty fuse with narrow black ribbon making the cross arms. The ribbon isn't quite straight but my time was limited and this was just an experiment to see if it would work. I don't know where this might lead me or others who read about my exploits but it was a quick fun thing to do. Next time I would use post it notes instead of paper squares as the paper stuck a bit hard to the label sticky so the prints were hard to get off