29. Jul, 2018

Working with Old Hexies

I was inspired by Jane Dunnewold's CST video of working on a patchwork fragment. I am also a sucker for buying half finished stuff at thrift shops because I can't bear to think of someone having cut out all those pieces and tacked them to paper and then being cleared at 50 cents. I had this bag of hexies so I pieced some of them together - beginning sort of with flowers and then squaring up with the plain hexies. - the flowers have disappeared into themselves with the busy floral pattern so the mosaic effect of them is lost now. Note I didn't even like this pattern when I began. So now what was I going to do with this piece that I fused onto felt after hand stitching it together. I decided to copy Jane's idea of laminating other things to the surface. Some shapes from an old book, some shapes cut from the paper towel iron blanket used in my eco dying, some shapes cut from berry flavoured teabags (the pinky leaves and some of my stitched leaves and hydrangea flowers. I often introduce a diagonal for movement so I added this with textured wool and some strips of sequined material - I still have to couch this down. I did try again with a foamy stamp and gel medium to get some floral gold leaf motifs but I am not good with this technique so once again I ended up with lots of bits of gold leaf everywhere but the glitz probably adds a different dimension. I do have misty fuse on the black felt around the hexies and am not quite sure what I will do about that. I sort of like the black border but not the glue that has bonded onto the edges - another learning issue for me with this technique. Anyway it was lots of fun if time consuming in a month that has brought a lot of extra bits and pieces as we work through family stuff and staff problems with staffing at Kim's business