28. Jul, 2018

White on White Stitch Meditation

In the CST training program a couple of months back we investigated the colour white as a topic. Within this there was a post on site on white stitching. I decided to carry this on into my daily stitch meditation using 9 inch crazy quilt block with a black and whit photo in the centre. The photos are of women who have contributed to my journey. This is the square dedicated too my oldest daughter, Kate whose first child was conceived via IVF. She and her husband, Jim, have gone on to provide homes for two permanency care children and has fought for all her children to achieve to their utmost despite some learning difficulties. All the children are treated the same and the two who are not biologically hers are just so lucky to have the opportunities she and Jim provide. The silver squares made into flowers in the top right are left over pieces of the fabric we made Regan a knight's armour for regional speech and drama finals