17. Jul, 2018

Eco Dying with Cotton

Eco dying with cellulose fibres (cotton and linen) is much more involved that with protein fibres (silk and wool). The fabric must be boiled for at least an hour with soda ash and a small amount of ph neutral washing liquid. It must then be steeped in a tannin mordant for at least and hour and then a soda ash and alum mordant for two hours. This is the fist time I have been through this process so it is all experimental for me. I mordanted about 3 m of cotton so that I can play around a bit with the options. Here is my first batch of leaves and bits laid out on the fabric before bundling. I am not too sure how good the bundle will be because of the thicker berries and liquid amber conkers that I have used. It made getting a really tight bundle a bit difficult. Starting from the top there are snowflake leaves, puruvian lily leaves, some brown ponga fern, some catkins, berries from the foetidus iris that abounds in the shad, some bronze mondo grass, yellow oxals, rimu yellow hydrangea, heuchera and purple Loropetalum spays a a few pine needles. The larger "berries are clivia seeds that I cut in half from off the bankI have one a couple of bundles to go into the steamer and they will need to steam for at least 2 hours and then cool before I can see the results. fingers crossed