16. Jul, 2018

Playing around with the base

Playing around with laminating ideas- The large dark leaves are from the paper towel iron blanket used in eco dying fuvres. the small maple leaf cut outs are berry burst teabags cut out with a Sizzex die The original plain centres have been stenciled and the off shoots are hexagons cut from an old book. there are also maple leaf cut outs like the red ones from a book as well. what this photo has shown me is that the book cutouts are too light - I will try to age them by painting with gel medium or some sort of acid like lemon juice. The fibres down the middle that have the pods attached are also too light - they need a darker contrast. The pods themselves need to be encased in someting and additional leavves like the large heuchera leaf at the top left need to be added to balance the left hand side but it si growing. I want to introduce some gold leaf bursts on top of the florals but that will be the last layer to be added. There is misty fuse on the black felt around the edges and I will need to clean that up if I want to retain the dark border/edge but it is very different from the base and much more complex in its design now. Time will tell what it ends up as