15. Jul, 2018

Creative Strength Training July 2018

The focus for July has been Mosaics and it has been a journey for me. I have recognised mosaics in ways I did not recognise them before. I have discovered Matisse's paper cutting period and the simplicity (abstraction) and complexity of the work he made during this period. I am embarking on my own multi- layered mosaic now inspired by the video Jane Dunnewold shared of her own work, using an orphaned quilt block. I am a sucker for such things. These hexagons were resting in a thrift shop all tacked neatly onto backing paper. I bought them for 50c because I couldn't bear to think someone had invested all that time and energy and now they would be consigned to scrap. In the earlier parts of the month I have stitched the hexagons together, working first on the floral piece and then squaring up the sides with the lemon pieces. Now I am ready to try lamination, stencil, thermofax, gold leaf and stitch to see what emerges. I am thinking about falling leaves. This is stage one of the new journey of experimentation . Maybe by the end of the week I will have something quite different from this piece to post