13. Jul, 2018

NZ Baltimore Finally Finished

According to the cross stitched date in the bottom right hand square I began this quilt in 1989 that is 29 years ago. It has been part of my textile journey. I no longer make quilts like this but this was a major step forward for me back then. I so enjoyed the NZ bird squares that I threw out two of the squares from the pattern and introduced two of my own - the keruru (wood Pigeon) and the Kea. And the earth didn't end! I put the squares together and, being a purist back then, thought that because I had hand appliqued the squares I should hand quilt the quilt. I have done a few quilts with hand quilting but the arthritis in my fingers was beginning to make lots of this painful even back then. And so it sat in the cupboard. When I discovered machine free motion quilting and McTavishing I decided to free machine quilt the piece. Somewhere in there something got spilt on the top and while you can't see it in this photo, the quilting design has little dragonflies in it and the blue water erasable pen I used to mark it hasnt come completely out of the fabric. So it was relegated back to the cupboard. My saboteur (inner critic) kept telling me it wasnt worth completing. It took Creative Strength Training to silence the saboteur and finally complete the quilt. And now it is done I will work on that spill with retro clean and see it I can get the stain out. It doesnt look too bad even as it is.