12. Jul, 2018

Stitch Meditation with Leaves

Way back in May someone in the CST program posted an image of Lorraine Roy's work. It inspired me and I had to hurry to gather Autumn leaves to press for continued stitch mediation to create a cohesive pattern. With the studying the archetype Shape Shifter in CST and finishing Brenne Brown's book "Braving the Wilderness" I am glad it has taken till now to complete my work as the concepts have sort of intermingled. I have mused a lot as I stitched, especially as I put the leaves in position about fitting in or belonging as per Brenee's book. We so often fit but do we feel we belong? The leaves all came from my garden and each layer belongs to a specific tree. As I arranged them - and as I stitched them - I found we so often think the leaves from a tree are very alike but in fact they have lots of differences in size and veining and colour and robustness - just like people. Because it is winter here and I have had to work on pressed leaves some were very brittle - they needed extra care - just like some people. The eco dying work I have been doing has introduced me to the ability of pressing leaves for eco dying and then rehydrating them to get prints from the steaming process (Kathy Hayes course). I decided to try spritzing some of the most brittle leaves and found they responded beautifully - just like added attention can make some people blossom. Once the leaves are stitched between the tulle sandwich they seems to have additional flexibility and more permanence their support system - but only time will tell how much permanence. I haven't fixed the leaves down at this stage and they will be under glass but I decided to take this photo before putting the glass on. So here is a combination of what we have done in CST and how I have used it - Mandalas, stitch meditation, another artists research, Shape shifter, nature child - I do tend to bring experiences together. For those who might be interested the leaves are from the outside - abutilon, flowering cherry, ginkgo, Japanese maple, hydrangea flower