6. Jul, 2018

Experiment with Eco dying wool

I cut up an old wool blanket that I got second hand for these experiments. Wool needs to be soaked in 50/50 water and white vinegar before eco dying. One of the things I love about ecodying is that it doesnt take long to set up and then you just leave it to do its thing. With the wool still wet from the vinegar soak over night - I just rung it out I gathered leaves to experiment with. No doubt these would work on silk too. As it is winter in NZ I was limited in the garden to evergreens. The leaves at the top left are some older cherry leaves and the dark blob along side that is a purple lantana petal. At the bottom are a rose spray and a strawberry spray. The long greenish bit in the middle is a blechnum fern and above that is a spray of wine coloured leaf loropetalum. The funny blopbs above that are orange abutilon flowers (Japanese lantern) and the leaves to the right are protea leaves. I was pretty pleased with the result as it gave me a good idea of what would print. I did not use a blanket with these. Just laid them out underside of the leaf to the wool, covered with gladwrap and rolled up and steamed for about 2 hours