23. Jun, 2018

A Ongoing Source of Pine Needles

It may be crazy to be excited to find somewhere close at hand where I can get an easy source of pine needles for my pine weaving but that's how it is. With many pine plantings fenced off and all the OSH requirements it isn't quite as easy as it used to be to source such things. Yesteday Kim Atkinson called to say he had some meat for us and we just needed to come and pick it up from his woolshed. Rob needs a hand to do these jobs at the moment so off we set and when we got there there were pine trees and pine needles galore. I collected a bucket full just taking the fallen pine needles off the top of the fallen so that they were cleaner and less likely to be damaged. Once home I washed them in soapy water to get rid of any insect infestation and once they are dry I will take off the butt ends and store them wrapped in handtowel until I am ready to bind them into the construction. It was like a gift from the universe. I had put my need out there and then it was there without my having to do anything more. Now I have a source of waxed thread and an ongoing place to get pine needles so I should be able to master this technique now without too many further holdups