22. Jun, 2018


I have wanted to play with tyvek and heated texture for ages and I finally found a scrapbooking place that sold A4, light weight Tyvek here in NZ. I could hardly wait for it to arrive. It did and looked lonely and uninspiring in its white form. I painted it copper - thinking I might add it to the abstract impressionist work I had done for CST but this is all that is left from the A4 page once it was heated. I placed baking paper over the dry acrylic painted tyvek and hovered a hot iron over it. It very quickly went to the top level. Further heating produced the bottom sample - it was right on the verge of going into holes. I have decided not to add it to my abstract impressionist work but it is fun and now I need to find somewhere I can get something similar in NZ but in bigger pieces. I am already on the hunt. It is totally different from what Mark sent me which is why the results from heating his building wrap did not work.