20. Jun, 2018

Some thoughts on working with leaves

The nature child within me is fascinated by the artists working on real leaves and I keep finding more and more of them and this enthuses me further. In addition to looking at Hillary Fayle's work earlier this week and how she stitches leaves together with intricate stitching in the gaps, I also rewatched the felting video on Jane Dunnewold's public web page. There she thermofaxes the outline of a maple leaf and then felts it to make an applique leaf. She uses a felting machine but I cannot justify the cost of a machine for just that so I have to use my little manual 5 needle felting tool. While I was gathering leaves for yesterday's silk screen adventure I picked up a couple of ginkgo leaves and here they are - laid out ready to add the stitch but with a cap of green wool felted to the top (mounted on black velvet). At this stage this is just a play around but there are definite possibilities here to develop. The leaves are all down now I notice so I will have to make do with the leaves I have pressed/frozen if I want to work on deciduous trees over the winter. Part of the dry stone wall at the back collapsed so I have been out there this afternoon trying to remake the wall - quite a big job but it is all done and if you didn't know it was a repair you probably wouldn't notice it. The buxus at the top of the wall had to be replanted and these are now a bit our of line and I will need to water them over the next little bit but hopefully they will survive and the wall will stay put. So while I am working on that I am hatching the next round of stitching adventures.