19. Jun, 2018

First run at Eco dying on silk

I am amazed. maybe it is the silk or the bundling instructions from Kathy Hayes course but here is my first attempt at dying with silk. It was so much easier than with cotton. The leaf prints are liquidamber picked up off the lawn and the orange spots are silver dollar gum (eucalyptus) from my little tree that I am trying to get to grow fast so that I will have more leaves to experiment with. I spritzed the whole cloth with water and then where the silver dollar was with a 50/50 white vinegar and water. This was a two for own experiment where the leaves were laid out on habotoi silk and then silk organza laid over the top. Plastic wrap was put over both lots to stop bleed during the steaming process and then the two layers of cloth were rolled onto a narrow plastic pipe using a weight ahead of where I was rolling. The bundle was then steamed for 2 hours and the allowed to go cold before I unwrapped. If there is a disappointment in this piece, it is the oak leaves that left a much lighter imprint than the liquidamber but all in all I am pretty pleased with this