18. Jun, 2018

Kindergarten Abstract Impressionism

Today I finally got to play and work on my CST Abstract Impressionist piece. Those three painted newspapers that I posted a while back were fused with mistyfuse and one was "laminated:" to some black felt. The other two were torn into strips and applied first to each other and then torn up again and eventually applied to the full sheet on the felt. I found both the paper and the mistyfuse preferred to be torn in one direction so the strips were probably larger than I had done in the Kim Thittichai example. Then I decided to add some more definite lines. I started with some brown printing ink but and a thermofax screen but the ink was a different brand and much thinner than what I was used to. I chose brown because I thought black would be too stark. It was not a good look so I waited for it to dry and then thermofaxed the same design in black at angles over the top of the brown. In the centre you can see a spool of metallic thread. I think I might stitch a bit on this before it is done but it has to dry properly now. I think my family think I am quite mad with all this exploratory art stuff but it inspires and motivates me to keep trying new things.