17. Jun, 2018

Progress on Stitch Mediation on Leaves

This has been a hellish 10 days with only one day off during that time and extras to stay. Not much time for creative expression. I thought I would cheat a bit and post this photo of the stitch meditation on leaves progress. Each leaf is hand stitched between two layers of organza and then I machine stitch around the outside of the leaf and up the main veins. This give the leaf quite a bit of flexibility and support even when dry when they can become quite brittle. I then trim off the excess organza back to the stitch line. All the leaves have come from my garden and I have had to gather and dry the leaves as autumn has progressed so that I can continue to work on this piece. The centre is a stitched hydrangea flower and then moving out from the centre the leaves are: small leafed maple, gingko, cherry, abutilon ( Japanese lantern shrub). I just found the perfect round frame at the discount store to mount this. I will post a photo when the work is complete. Until then I will stitch away each night finishing the leaves that still need to be done.