13. Jun, 2018

This didn't work like Tyvek

My step son, Mark< sent me some watergat house wrap that he thought might act like tyvek for my textile experiments. I thought it might become part of the abstract impressionist attempt as shown yesterday. I do not think this buckles like Tyvek. It did melt as you can see in the picture above. I painted the watergat with acrylic paint similar to my newspapers and then I hovered the iron over baking paper on top of the Watergat. It sort of started to buckle a wee bit but not like the tutorial on tyvek. I have now found an online site here in NZ that sells A4 sheets of Tyvek for $2 a sheet so I have ordered some of those and we will see what the difference is when it arrives. The container for 3 G Teak is here tomorrow so it will be all hands on deck keeping the shop open and unloading the container. mainly mosiacs and stone and concrete water features. You can see the water features including short videos of them on the 3 G Teak website: https://www.3gteak.co.nz/shop/filter/category=2400/