8. Jun, 2018

Playing with Inktense Blocks

I just purchased Linda Kemshall's Rubbings class from the Design matters archive website so I was keen to have a go and didn't want to have to wait around while I made my own block to print from. This is a rubbing plate I have had for some time. I have used it with monoprints so I was keen to see what effects I would get with the inktense blocks. I only have a limited number of the blocks and in this case used orange and an olive green. With the plate under the page of my sketchbook I rubbed over with one colour and then the second. It looks a bit messy but then I used a water brush pen and wet the colours and gradually dragged them off the edges of the leaf outlines and this is what I ended up with. I am quite pleasantly surprised. This could be used on textiles and then quilted around