5. Jun, 2018

Weaving/Coiling with Pine needles

I inherited a small workbasket from my Grandmother that was made from Pine needles and I have long wanted to try and replicate this sort of technique. I managed to get an excellent DVD from Nadine Spiers and am working through the basics of her technique which is slightly different to Nana's as it is more linear whereas nan's seems to have like a fly stitch. The original basket is much darker because I have found that it has been baked in glycerine to aid flexibility but I found I didn't need to do this even though is a year since I gathered the pine needles and washed them (to get any insect infestation out of them). I quilte like the contrast in the thread to the pine needles I have achieved. Nana's one has a wooden centre drilled around the edge> I have chosen to follow Nadine's method of using a stone centrepiece. In this case I have used a terra cota coloured stone. Probably selecting an oval stone was not the best choice for a first off piece. Nadine uses waxed linen thread which is very diffficult to get in NZ and very expensive. this first bit has used waxed linen thread but I am going to try with waxed synthetic thread (.8mm) and I am now waiting for that to arrive. I will post more as this first piece develops. Nadine has a number of serpentine art pieces made via her second DVD and maybe I will graduate to that at some time in the future