2. Jun, 2018

Experiment in My Journal

From time to time I play around with experiments in my journal to find ways that might be appropriate for a project going forward. I just got the book Drawn to stitch and that has taken me back to the Bondaweb and newspaper work with Kim Thittichai. On this page I took a page from an old novel, tore it in strips and then in sections and randomly glued these to the page. I wanted an old world looks so I decided to use part of a page I had with the stamp lady on it. I then stenciled the cities names - no prizes for guessing I would love to visit these. and then used my new spray inks to colour the top. I purchased a pack as that was way cheaper than buying singly and I was hoping I would have been able to get the primaries. However the London blue and lime green achieved a similar result to having yellow in the pack. Not sure where or when this will develop. I am on a bender finishing off projects that my inner critic ( saboteur) had put me off completing. Will be good to get the decks cleared a bit