27. May, 2018

How many Layers is enough

In March, as part of my daily art practice for Creative Strength Training I worked on doing a monoprint each day. These prints were cut down to 5 1/2 inch squares and sewn together. Each piece of fabric began as plain white or plain black - the black was discharged the white was in some cases dyed and then they were monprinted and/or stamped to create a visual texture. Once the blocks were sewn together I used the Shibori thermofax screen designed by Jane Dunnewold and screened across the quilt top with gloss gel medium. When it was dry, I ironed on gold leaf using sheet of paking paper between the gold leaf and the iron. Now it is in a quilt sandwich and ready to quilt. I am using variegated green and orange thread (another pressure point for me) to do this. The quilting will be simple, rambling, open stipples I have used cotton batting and have also used spray tack to assemble the quilt block. this is one of the projects that I need to get off my to finish list to stop my saboteur from trying to tell me the quilt is not enough. I have called it How Many Layers is Enough because of the layers of process in the assemble. When I attended Jane Dunnewold's course at Christchurch symposium last year, one of the goals was to feel more comfortable with layering techniques. This piece is the outcome. When it is quilted and bound I will display it on my Quilt Journey pages