16. May, 2018

Flash Card Prompts for Journalling

I have continued on with Kiala Givehand's free online course. the prompts today required us to make a journal page using ten of her flash card Journal prompts. This was a process I had not used before and maybe 10 were too many. but I did get to use techniques I hadnt used before and that is the whole point of the exercise. The cards had to be completed in order and I wanted to preserve the challenge so I used the first prompt Journalling with a permanent marker to list out the challenge steps.
The other steps were:
* Draw something that you love - I drew the flower in the bottom left

I am continuing with Kiala's Givehand's free course. Today's exercise was to create a journal page using 10 of the cards she selected from her journal prompt set. Ten seemed like a lot and they had to be done in order but I did get to try some techniques that I hadn"t tried before and that is the whole purpose of the exercise. Now I am keen to make my own journal flash card prompts for further use. The first step was to journal in permanent marker and I chose to journal the challenge steps so that I would have them preserved. The other steps that followed were:
Draw something that makes you happy - I drew the flower in the bottom left
Use decorative tape. I had never tried washy tape before and found a cheap set of 3 at the Warehouse. I can use the rest in my scrapbooking or other journal pages
Stick something to the surface with stitch - I had brought some second hand books to use as art materials and I ripped part of a page from that, embroidered the three crosses and stitched the side down with blanket stitch. I did add some double sided tape underneath to secure the lower edge
Add gell medium or modelling paste through a stencil - I decided to try the modelling past and painted the black triangle at the top left keeping a crisp edge with painters' tape (another first for me) Then I pushed the modelling paste through the stencil. This is the flower. Choosing to put it in the corner made it a bit more difficult but definitely a technique I would like to play around with
Next was own choice so I coloured the bottom flower with gellato metal pens and added my name in alphabet stickers.
Add doodles or text with a white marker - I drew some bits on the black around the modelling paste flower
Stamp an image multiple times. I chose to use the little butterfly stamp in blue
Use numbers - I had acquired a set of alphabet numbers and letters from a thrift shop and hadn't used them so this seemed like a good time to bring them out. I chose to keep the same blue and stamped 2018 - this year - as a reminder when I did this
Finally use splatter from an old toothbrush. I dipped the brush in some lumiere purple pearl and flicked it across the page -You can see I wasnt so careful with the facing page and it is a bit splattered also. This was a fun challenge and gave some structure to creating a journal page