14. May, 2018

Sketchbook Revival with Kiala Givehand

I have really enjoyed this free 14 day challenge and here is the cover of my Grimoire made as a set of signatures. I always thought signatures had to be single pages but Kiala encourages us to make our own journals and nest them and then she uses a really simple process to stitch them together using waxed floss and the holes. Two holes are about an inch in from the end of the papers and the third is in the middle. You double the waxed floss and start in the inside middle, go up to the top and out to the outside then bring the needle into the middle and go all the way to the bottom hole and come out. On the outside you go to the middle hole and go back into the centre middle hole and tie off the waxed floss with a double knot. Another tip she gives is that when you are pushing through the holes close the book so you come out in the spine and not on top. This cover is made from a page from Linda Mathews Nature series printed on cotton and then stitched with two varying pink and burgundy standard sewing threads. The colouring has been done with my metallic gell markers and the gold centre is tiny seed beads, I pasted this onto an A5 piece of water colour paper but my print out was not quite large enough so I added the lace to cover up the deficit