7. Apr, 2018

What do you know - its a mandala!!!

I have long marvelled at those quilts that use a multitude of patterned fabrics in bright colours and seemingly no regard for realistic colour just value. Artists include Susan Carson and Lorraine Turner and Sophie Standing. Well now i have ahd a go at creating a graduated colour koru/spiral using all those fascinating fabrics I have acquired but that just don't fit with the type of quilting I do these days. The glue basting bit is very messey but here is my attempt with the green/gol/brown fabrics in place and the neutrals cut out waiting to be glu basited. I didn't have enough interesting neutral fabrics so I plays arond with some hand dyed fabric stamping and printing to get the right mix of patterns for the inner circle. In the photo I am auditioning organza to go over the top for machine quilting. This lime green colour seems the best. It is only on the left side of the mandala. I will need to glue down the neutrals and make the quilt sandwich so I can free machine the rest. I need to add neutral pattersn to the outside yet but might need to do more stamping/printing to have enough