4. Apr, 2018

Easter Egg Hunt memories

Easter is Autumm here in NZ andit has been a tradition for many years to have an Easter egg hunt in Granny's garden. It was a lovely Autumn day after a very wet night and here is Grandma (92) and the Easter egg hunters ready to go. We had 15 kids all together plus adults come to watch. I had hidden about 100 mini foil wrapped eggs and the garden is the perfect place to have this. Kim had said Tahi was too old at 17 to take place but I said Granny's place Granny's rules. We have been doing this since he was 3 and its sort of nice that our big boy still likes to join in this sort of fun. He gives most of the eggs he finds to the little ones. Three of my Grandies couldnt make it but then there are always the kids friend's tag alongs so there were plenty to have fun. We had lunch on the terrace and then it was time to take Grandma home and clean up. No art post today as a result but I am eeping to my resolution of perseverence and trying to post a blog each day