3. Apr, 2018

Trust in the process

When I finished piecing my monporint squares it seemed un-integrated to me. this was partly because I had not originally planne on making them into a combined piece. I decided to thermofax screen them using Jane dunnewold's Shobori theromfax screen and gloss gell medium. and applying synthetic gold leaf When i started I felt I had lost the feel of the individual textures on the squares but I decided to keep going. The gold leaf application is very messy and I am hoping to be able to salvage a lot of the litle bits that don't adhere to the gel medium for use in other applications. I am out of gold leaf till the mail order batch arrives but here is the piece where I am up to. It is coming together. By the time it is free machine quilted I should have a very modern styles piece that is quite unlike my usual pieces