1. Apr, 2018

More Experimental Stitching on Leaves

Still experimenting with techniques. This is a Magnolia Grandiflora leaf that has been pressed for several days. This time I used a needleweaving technique to achieve the piece in the middle. I then cut away the back of this with small sharp scissors and ran a running stitch around the leaf. The leaf has blanket stitched edges - like the needleweaving- using 6 strands of embroidery floss. Into this I crocheted a single round of double crochet with 3 chain between each stitch in a copper coloured knitting lurex. I do not think I would introduce the lurex again as I think it detracts from the natural timbre of the leaf and cotton. This process was much easier than trying to crochet around a whole cut in the leaf. Having dreid the leaf also helped as the leaf did not shred in the same manner as the fresh leaf had done.