31. Mar, 2018

The cover for my Textile Journal

I had been thinking about doing this for quite a while and finally I got up the courage to do it. I have re-used the cover of an old book for the base. I couldnt bring myself to use on of my books so I went to the thrift store and brought an a4 hard covered book and pulled the middle out of it. I still felt bad about destroying the book but it is being repurposed into something worthwhile I hope. I have used real shells and cheese cloth in this assemblage. The wave photo is a foil print I did a while back and I have put it under organza for protection. The rolling wave is a coil of lace that was originally headed to make lace beads but I thought would be better in this situation. The shells are real shells and the two little fish are buttons I acquired from somewhere. I have yet to make the inside and attach the signatures but this is a good start