29. Mar, 2018

Stitch Meditation on Hydrangea Flowers

Yes these are actual hydrangea flowers. I did paint them both sides with PVA/Elmer's glue and then sandwiched them between two layers of organza before stitching on them. I had hoped the colours would be preserved as although they had dried off a bit with the Autumn the flowers, when I picked them, were a glorious combination of olive green and indigo. The indigo has sort of stayed but the green has faded to an antique gold sort of colour. I have never had much luck - even when using glycerin - in getting hydrangeas to keep their colour for winter flower arrangements inside.

I used seed beads to make the little clusters in the middle. I think I will make a heap of these and the attache as in a hydrangea head. I am enjoying the stitch meditation from Creative Strength Training