28. Mar, 2018

Crotchet insertion on Magnolia Leaf

Stitch meditation on magnolia leaf. I have never done crotchet insertion and this is one of those things where enthusiasm runs before the practicality of what you are trying to do. It was a bit frustrating for a start but definitely a meditation about working with natural items. I just grabbed a magnolia leaf off the big tree at the bottom on the garden and cut a hole in the middle a la Alice Fox. I hadn't read her on line notes then and found out later that she presses her leaves first even though she doesn't treat them with anything. The result was the fresh leaf tore very easily when I did the base stitching around the hole and I had great difficulty with where I had the thread and working backward and forward. I started in the middle, thinking that would stabilise the leaf but I now think I would have achieved a better result if I had started at one end and worked to the other. The earlier leaf that I crocheted around was a fallen one and it had dried out considerably so it didn't split as easily. This is interesting because the fresh liquid amber leaves tore readily but they are a lot different in texture and thickness than the magnolia.

This has definitely been a learning piece but I am sharing it, uneven crotchet and all.