27. Mar, 2018

Stitch meditations with Leaves

I have worked on real leaves before and as we are encouraged in Creative Strength Training to do some mediative stitching I have decided to use leaves. theseones are sandwiched between different coloured organza and the thread I have used to stitch them is various colours too. although I admire the fragments people make with rough edges my inner critic still complains about me using that method so this is a compromise. It is also very different from what most people in the group are doing and reinforced the Tricia Rose Burt video. I think I could also mount these on a piece of eco-dyed cotton at the end to make an interesting wall hanging. The top two had been painted with PVA and dried before I started stitching. having been introduced to Alice Fox's work I discovered she doesnt treat her leaves at all and the earlier magnolia posting is untreated. I decided to apply the here on the red leaf. I was initially disappointed as the leaf tore but as I continued I felt that this was about age and deterioration so I have now gathered further liquid amber leaves to experiment with