26. Mar, 2018

Next stage for the monoprints

I have cut the monoprinted fabric into 6 inch square (15 cm) and joined them into 7 rows of 6 squares. They look a bit muddy and if I had started this off to make this specific project I would probably have limited the colours used but this began as a daily art task so the colours aren't perhaps as coordinated as they could be. However I want to see if I can integrate them more by thermofax printing and stitching over the joined squares. Here they are with gel medium thermofaxed over the entire surface. When this dries I will iron synthetic gold leaf to the surface. The gel should soften and attach the gold leaf to the top. I haven't tried this on a project like this before but we did do a little bit in Jane's course at Symposium in Christchurch so fingers crossed