22. Mar, 2018

A Stitch Meditation - stitching on leaves

I have been playing around with leaves in my stitchery for some time and as we are being encouraged to do a stitch mediation in Creative Strength Training I thought that I would stitch on this leaf last night. The leaf was fresh last year and I painted it both sides with PVA (Elmer's glue). This not only preserves the leaf but make it more flexible so it doesn't disintegrate at the leaf dries. I started with herringbone stitch down the middle and the a lop sided chain on top of that. I did a simple running stitch around the outside. This will probably just be inserted into one of my art journals. You can see at the top (where it is white) that the PVA has lifted a bit but the leaf still seems to be intact. I have seen where people have run leaves through a laminator to preserve then but I think they would be more difficult to hand stitch.