20. Mar, 2018

Daily Art Practice

In Creative Strength Training we are encouraged to do some sort of daily art practice. Having been to a play day with Kerry Glen from Tulis Textiles I decided I would concentrate on mono-prints and stamping for my art practice. this is a long way from the type of art I usually do but it is fun trying out textures and found objects as well as using some of my wonderful stamps and woodblocks. I thought I would cut the prints down to 6 " squares and join them (about 36 to get a 33" square) and then either machine quilt/thermofax/both to get an integrated feel. I might do some embellishment too like small beads or gold leaf. I started out printing on white fabric, moved onto some rust dyed fabric then some hand dyed and then finally the bleach discharged fabric from a recent post. I will wait till I have all lthe squares plus a few extra before I play with some sort of arrangement and then I will seam them together. The textures that you can get with ordinary household stuff is just amazing.