8. Mar, 2018

Working with paste papers

In the Creative Strength Training (CST) course we are working with paste papers made from cornstarch (cornflour) paste that is then coloured with acrylics. I used 1 cup cornflour to 1 cup water and then added 6 cups of boiling water while agitating and then let the mix sit overnight. It was quite a thick consistency but not quite as smooth as I had hoped. In this first example I coloured a blob of the paste with turquoise acrylic and brushed it onto a 12 x 12 page of card stock. My interest is always the textures that can be achieved. The intention is to cut the papers down to a divider page for each month. In this case I used a foamy stamp to imprint into the paste. If you follow my blog you will recognise the stamp as I have used it often. Over the next few days I will post other papers made this way. I do want to also try some of these on fabric to see if they transfer and are fast enough if the fabric is laundered.