4. Mar, 2018

Creative Strength Training

While I havent begun any of the exercises I am excited to be doing this on line course with Jane Dunnewold.  This month we are looking at Joseph Cornell and Assemblage.  This is not an art form I have tried before unless you include the crazy quilt I did a few years back which contains various ephemora.  I have sorted through my bits and am ready to start putting together my assemblage box.  I will focus on Joseph Cornell and his contribution to this sort of art.  I have painted a small Post Office box black and have a piece of needlework that rads It is not what you look at but what you see - a quote from Thoreau and this will go at the back of the box.  In the fromt at the bottom I will place a miniature of Rodin's the thinker and on the outside lid i wll place a printout of the picture above representing the Southern Cross and Mary Carpenters words to the song about Joseph that ideas are like stars.  We will see how it ocmes togther.  

Other activities for tis month include covering a journal and making cover pages with conrflour paste as dividers for each of the 10 months of the course.  There are heaps of talented people from all over the world enrolled on this course so it will be stimulating and hopefully keep me focused on going forward.  In the world of assemblage we have also been introduced to KIRKLAND SMITH who makes the most amazing portraits and pieces using coloured ephemera.  I think this would be like a jigsaw puuzzle where you could set up the base on a canvass and then add to it as you find the right coloured bits to bring out the detail.  Not something you would just begin and work out till finsihed.  Anyway if I have a go at this that is how I will approach it.